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Driving value creation for the group through lateral thinking.

A Cut Above the Rest

Dion Pillay

Business Unit Executive

CVAS has a mission to create and enhance value within and beyond the Citiq Group Ecosystem by focussing on youth empowerment, entrepreneurial development, sustainable business models and profitability.
CVAS has a responsibility to ensure the constant evaluation of affordability vs quality, consistency vs sustainability and profit vs true value. An awareness has been created to constantly ask whether CVAS is improving the lives of students, giving back to the community and diversifying CGES’ Business Units.

CVAS will drive diversity and growth in new industries from the traditional business norms to a sustainable Group Ecosystem Services. CVAS is a Business Unit that will activate new business ventures, which include and are not limited to, Tourism, Arts and Culture, Supply Chains, Business Incubators, Co-operative Incentive Schemes drive, Agriculture, etc.
CVAS aims to ensure women empowerment is at the centre of insuring growth, inclusion and partnerships. To be forward thinking and to initiate a mindset change in the youth of today from the current sense of entitlement to “creationism”.

The services rendered by CVAS creates a cross-functional sustainability model with CGES, but also can become a self-sufficient, self-sustainable business entity on its own.
CVAS has three areas in which it has a responsibility to create value within CGES: Students, Assets and Staff. The value created in these three categories will relate to monetary value, improved livelihoods, and a sustainable future. The unit’s focus is youth empowerment, entrepreneurial development as well as the creation of sustainable business models that will insure profitability.

The CVAS Difference

Our Projects

Integrity | Community | Simplicity | Excellence | Innovation

Variety At Its Finest

Each CVAS project must be evaluated on an individual and collective basis in order to create the optimal service in terms of both value added and revenue generated by establishing sustainable business models and by providing services for the CGES | Group Ecosystem Services that increase profitability.


We invest in businesses catering for students, corporate’s and miscellaneous needs 


We strive to make shopping easier for all customers at our CGES | Group Ecosystem Services assets


Wholesale & retail 


Our supply chain thrives on the demand of our CGES | Group Ecosystem Services’ needs


Shake, break & reinvent the market

 27 Boxes Retail Centre situated in Melville, is a centre constructed out of shipping container boxes which are 27m2. The centre provides artistic and ‘street’ food services to the local community. It is also a wonderful tourist destination for people with a love for arts and crafts. 27 Boxes has a garden centre, a children’s play area, cafes, a restaurant, multiple food stores along with a large provision of arts and crafts markets filled with clothing, paintings, and sculptures and so much more. There is also a dark kitchen for start-up businesses who do not have an existing space to produce their food.

The Silos, newtown

Integrity | Community | Simplicity | Excellence | Innovation

A project still in its infancy, with plans being finalized to create a building that will be of specialized, cross-functional use. The top floor has been provisioned as an open-air café to serve its customers distinctive coffee while a view of the inner city and neighbouring Newtown is revelled in. The Silos will also cater for the adventurer, with state-of-the-art rock climbing facilities installed along the side of the building.

Youth Development

Integrity | Community | Simplicity | Excellence | Innovation

Student Accommodation | CJ Students 

CJ Students is an innovative service for students that takes a fresh approach to booking student accommodation online. It’s fast to book, safe to pay, and lets potential students browse through thousands of trusted properties in South Africa’s best student cities.

At CJ Students, we provide a home away from home, allowing students to thrive academically whilst receiving support, in a safe and holistically inclusive environment where the focus is shared between mental and academic wellness.

There is and will continue to be a great demand for affordable student accommodation. We’re here to help and lead the way.

At CJ Students, we provide a lifestyle, a community, and a place where each student is given the opportunity to thrive in a safe environment. CJ Students is the place to be, where you’ll make lifelong connections, rev up your social game, and of course, hustle.  Best of all, our residences are safe, affordable, and accessible to students from all walks of life.

Our mission is to promote a balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally, through intentional engagement, empowerment & diversity

Student Wellness at CJ Students seeks to enhance the individual and collective health of our residence and the wider community through a wide range of programs, services, and resources.

Community Empowerment | The Green Light Initiative

Creating opportunities | fostering change | encouraging growth   

CVAS has established a Non-Profit Company, Green Light Initiative (GLI) with members of its team as board directors.
The Green Light Initiative, (GLI), is a Non-Profit Organization founded by a group of passionate, empowered women who care deeply about their communities. We aim to provide a platform for change and become the benchmark for reform within South Africa. Our goal is to create and impart an everlasting impact on the lives of those that we engage with.

Established in 2020 with a vision of improving the lives of women and children through empowerment initiatives and upliftment projects aimed at facilitating and empowering community economic growth. As a Christian organization, our values are deeply ingrained in our actions, we are committed to empowerment through the implementation of Christian-based Community intervention.
As we believe that Charity starts at home, our immediate focus will be on the betterment of the lives of our Students, Residents, and Tenants.

Events Management | The AWESOME CO. 

Effective Experience Management    

AWESOME.CO is poised to create a profoundly disruptive business model that will offer unique opportunities to big retailers as well as small-medium enterprises to access customers and markets in several new fun and exciting ways.

We activate space. We breathe life into spaces and bring new experiences. We curate weekly, weekend, and monthly experiences, for kids, young adults, and adults.

You live once, you may as well have an awesome experience.

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